meg liner

meg came home crying, loud enough for the whole brgy nangka to hear (she’s 80% of the time like that so it’s nothing alarming)
something that her car was snatched away by her kuya or the playmates
so she demanded me to look for her ‘pink’ car (yes, she has a toy pink car)
since we cannot find it
i offered her the mutilated toy train of his kuya
she would not accept it, and was still asking for her pink car
even accused me that i was the one who keep and hide it

me (desperate): kani na lang gud. nindot man ni train. imoha kay train, ilaha kay car ra.
meg: di ko. pink car ako.
me: wa lagi. ngano di man ka aning train?
meg: di man ko ana chuba-cho-cho.

(odd one out)

how could i argue with that?!?

9 thoughts on “meg liner”

  1. ka cute sa imo little girl rose oi! may na lang nang pink ang fave color kay daghan mang pink stuff for girls. Mas lisod ang little girl nga di ganahan ug pink…nah, labad!

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