i guess you all know what i’ll be talking about
i saw the 3 videos. no. i did not watch it, but fastforward watching them. (nevertheless, it’s still the same. i did watch them. tying to be subtle about it.)
di ma take!

the video with katrina halili which, was said, will make katrina migrate to some place without internet, is kind of dark.
you cannot really clearly make katrina’s face
but you can see hayden’s face

the one with brazillian model is clear but then the camera was out of focus
the camera was kind of aim at the room’s ceiling
so you’d only see hayden when they kind of stand up
but their faces are so klaro

the worst is with that ponds commercial model, maricar reyes
super klaro.
sad sad sad sad.
she’s really pretty!

it looks like all 3 videos were taken in the same place/room.
can it be the condo unit given to hayden by belo?
and, it’s obvious that the 3 girls did not have an inch of an idea of that they’re being video’ed.
and, hayden’s not that well-hung.
a bit disappointing.