crunch time

this week was extra crunchtime
boss was here
it’s his routine to be in cebu every last week of the month
to have some ‘bonding’ moments with the cebu groupies
so i have to be in a ‘behave’ mode
it’s not ‘kiss-assing’ but it’s the only time that we could talk to him ‘personalay’
so we’re like in a rush to wrap things up/discuss everything before he’d leave again

week was started with a call from ate mona that mati’s one foot had swollen red and big
scared me to bits. i’m not sure where he’d exactly got it. might be from intosan
anyway, he was brought to a neighborhood doctor, was put on antibiotics
it was cellulitis
when i got home, the swelling was gone. no fever was developed.
thank God for a very reliable support group.

and, tatz was here for a pit stop before flying back to dubai.
had a date with her/liyah/shyne
i’d say it was not right time — boss was here plus mati’s little sick incident
my excitement fizzled out
felt bad was not able to send her off
hopefully ‘next time’ will be soon

happy that my boss like the script i worked ‘hard’ on for a month
yes, it took me a month to come with an ‘acceptable’ script (script for an overview video of the the new application)
from ranting about my kids to writing about the ‘future’ of the application of all applications
are totally different things!
as in, ‘i do not know what i get myself into’
was too desperate to have a daytime job
but on the other thought, i’m happy to be learning some new things (experience is something cannot be paid)

pen/paper kind of writing. anything just to squeeze a little creative juice from my almost dormant brain.

a little incident happen — boss wanted to change some things and add some things to my already fabulous script
which he’d appreciate to see before he’d left off again
it took me 1 month to come up with an acceptable script
and, just what?! 1 day to revised it?!?
gawd, it stressed me out a lot!
solution, i’m not so proud of — i let mark made the revision. =(
thing is i write like how i write here — so far from professional/business sounding
so i let mark translate the script i came up with
and, the boss loves it!
eeewww… really have to work hard on ‘reinventing’ my writing skill FAST!

haven’t updated my multiply much about my little rascals and my parenting skills or the lack of it
i don’t feel like writing about family matters at work (i have to be in the mood)
and, when i’m home, i promised to be away from the computer
and, mati’s all over me
kind of ashame to admit it but for now, let me enjoy being away from the hustle/bustle at home
i remember a convo with an aunt, who is champion with 5 kids,
she said that the only time she gets some rest is when she’s at work
sad but it has some truth in it. (well, for me)

and, may will still be a ‘crunch’ month for me
the app the programmers are working on is expected to be working by the end of may
and, i’m suppose to make a final overview video of the product by next week
and 2 more videos before the month ends
and, testing the app between video making
really, i have a new talent in the making which rhymes with parenting — screencasting (a term for making a video of what’s in your computer screen).

monday perk-me uppers.