$50K/year Ivy League School and quarter life crisis

I just remember about a blog post I came across days ago by a mother in the US.
she was talking about her problem in trying to make her niece understand about the consequences of choosing a $50K/year school for her college and, it’s not even an Ivy League school
and, I was like WHAT?!? 2.5 million pesosesssss per year
that’s when i understand why some Filipino parents already in States would send their kids back to Philippines for college because they complain it’s expensive there

i’m not going to rant about the $50k/year tuition because well if you have hewlett-packard or the ‘Beautiful Minds’ as your teacher, it’s probably worth it
then, made me think of sharon cuneta and kc concepcion
well, if you’re sharon cuneta, $50k is not really much a big dent to her bank accountssss

so $50K/year, that’s probably the reason why dropout college kids getting into start-up business is kind of popular there in the US (think bill gates. sorry, can’t find a better example. will, i think steve wozniak too. well, he’s not really a dropout but i think he was always putting off finishing his college degree. let’s add steve jobs for the apple fans.)
somehow, you really need to work to help out with the $50K

therefore, i conclude that my kids will help in funding their way to college (demmit, they might even start at highschool)
it’s not really all about the money (because it’s easier to find money to send them to school than change their view that, ‘why should i sweat? i have my parents who will do anything just to get me thru school.)
but i believe that if you have experienced working as in real work, you get to see a different perspective about the real life
it can help the kids evaluate about their selves — what they really want about their life, what’s their like/passion, their strengths/weaknesses
so when they’re in school, somehow they’d have an idea on what subjects they should put more focus on to help them out with what they’re passionate about
they at least are able to figure out what they really really want before they step out of college
instead of the usual mindset that ‘kids should focus on studies, graduate then figure out life after school’
probably, the reason why some are suffering quarter life crisis!
because some of us probably got too focus on getting good grades and finish school to make the parents proud, and expect that everything will be a walk in the cloud now that i have my TOR and diploma. then, realized it’s not and ended up with a quarter life crisis. worse is that their whole life might be a quarter life crisis. =) (owkeis. exagge)

and, this is something why i felt kicking myself
why did i not even bother try working when i was in college
it was probably rooted in my mother’s idea (not blaming her) which she probably got from our ‘ninonos’ that it’s parent’s obligation to send their kids to school ‘bahala nag malubong sa utang’
the idea that only ‘school’ education is the only ticket to the bright future

and, i guess that’s what make me and mark different
from the time we became ‘uyab,’ i don’t know how many ‘odd jobs/monkey business’ he’s into in college — there’re ‘visayahoo,’ ‘voip2x’ thing, the ‘cyphertrust’ thing, the ‘gocebu’ phase, the ‘cleverlearn/bigfoot’ thing, australian thing, etc etc (let me gloat though that he’s CTO at cleverlearn when it started here. i don’t know giunsa nya pag-ilad ang amerkano/german.)
and, here i am still having a quarter life crisis at almost 30 years old.
and, i hope i will get over it before it’s my kids’ turn!