what to what to

kids summer workshop.
i really want to enroll my kids to some summer class.
though we can do without them but i don’t want ‘nga maulahi sa uso.’ =)
swimming is crushed out from the plan because migi has this fungal allergy (sa binisaya pa, kagid), and the doctor is prohibiting him from swimming pool/dagat

i’m currently having the following options:
1. Summer Art workshop in UP Cebu — really really like this. it’s just that i’m not sure how to send the kids home after their classes. well, they can stay with mark after their class but gawd, i cannot imagine torturing mark’s officemates with my not-so-behave kids while waiting for someone to send them off back to ‘lacion. (anyway, summer art workshop at UP Cebu will start april15 ends may20. enrollment until april20. 1800/kid excluding materials. sched is 9am-12pm or 11am not sure.)
2. IQ/EQ enhancement workshop — which is just a 5-10min walk from our home. i’m not really sold to it because IQ/EQ what’s that? basin masobraan na ka bright ako mga anak, they’d get bored when they’re off to real school in june. (For those somewhere near us who are interested, the school offering is Lourdes Reyes Learning Center. they’re new as in now lang. fee is 2000)
3. sports/ballet – a school, Our Lady of Joy, somewhere near to Liloan is offering these classes. but sched is 8am-10am. i’m not considering because i don’t like to wake up migi so early because it means WAR. =) so no thank you. (anyway anybody interested, fee is 1500. they have also other classes)
4. Cathechist/Katekista — at San Narciso PArish Church. I’m not really sure about this though. But i remember my childhood summers were spent in the Church for ‘Katekista’ back in Badian so i’m assuming every town’s church has this activity every summer. Of course, wa may mga iq/eq ug mga art workshops sa amo bukid. i remember the ‘tickets’ we’d get for every time we’re present for the class, and another ticket if we’d attend the ‘Flores de Mayo.’ We’ll then exchange those tickets for notebooks/ballpens at the end of the month. It’s fun. i’m just not sure though if there are classes for 3/4years old.

confused mama =(