twitter reflects american culture?!? is a twitter directory.
so if you want to stalk people on twitter, is a good guide =)
you can start with their top twitter users

anyway, looking at their top twitter users (i guess it is based on the number of followers)
cnn is #1, then followed by britneyspears
then somewhere in the top 20 is perezhilton (i guess everybody knows who is perezhilton right?)
then, some showbiz/hollywood personalities here and there (sorry, no pinoy celebs) in the top list
my first impression was/is like, is this the American culture?!?
i guess, it’s not much different to the ‘chismosa’ level of pinoys
it’s a mix of pop and tech culture
everything so dizzying glitz and glamour, hype up, and superficial! =)
and, twitter provides a channel for those people like me who wish to be in that glitz and glamour
having celebs or joel spolsky/linus torvalds, etc on my list to follow and seeing their twits is like experiencing my 15-second of fame.
culture of voyeurs. =)
but that’s just my twitter thoughts.