sad/IQ bullets

sad that i have to pull out meg from the summer art workshop in up cebu as, according to my dear mark, it is a total ‘logistics nightmare.’ (deserves another post which hopefully i can dramatize it soon before it’s gone out of my head)

sad that i cannot give up my work for meg’s art school. selfish. i’m  not yet ready to give up my new-found pseudo-freedom. i can adjust work sched but it means not seeing the other 2 kids left at home.

migi said NO to the workshop. he prefer ‘racing car’ (playing wii) than get chummy chummy in some art class. no other things can change his mind. not even meg’s new shiny art materials. i appreciate his being decisive. but on the other thought, can you imagine what others things we need to argue head on?

and, i just understand now when they say art is expensive. demmit, just for a basic art appreciation class and i was already given this long list of art materials to buy. so, yes, having an ‘artist’ kid is already off my wish list for my babies.

then, mark share this article to me, ‘How to Raise Our I.Q.’ in the article, it mentioned:
‘Good schooling correlates particularly closely to higher I.Q.’s. One indication of the importance of school is that children’s I.Q.’s drop or stagnate over the summer months when they are on vacation (particularly for kids whose parents don’t inflict books or summer programs on them).

so now i’m torn of putting meg back to that artsy fartsy class.

watdpak, do we really really need kids with high-as-the-sky IQ?!?

according to the article, new generation has higher IQ than years and years ago. but are we really better off now than before? what’s so sad about having black and white TV? what’s so sad with just a 5110 celphone? what IQ generation does paris hilton belong to? owkei, that’s uncalled for. =)