mafia business

so how’s work?

well, yesterday, i brought water in a 1.5l-empty-mountain-dew-bottle then put on my slippers/tsinelas/flipflops to work. and, my nanay has this ‘shock/questioning’ reaction in her face watching me left for work. my nanay was growing up in the time when the idea of working in a bank or san miguel company is like the biggest thing to be in. BPO/call center/much more about computers/software apps are things she could not grasp of, and the ‘relax culture’ that comes with it.

i brought water with me because all my workmates are all boys, 3 boys, who do not give a care about those stuffs. all they think about is their code and code and code, and… code. i will not mention girls just to be safe, and also getting laid. they drink/eat code.

so i arrived at the office 10am, but nobody was around yet so i could not get inside the office because i was too lazy getting a duplicate key. so i end up at ayala, making suroy2x waiting for the boys to arrive at the office. =) so that’s basically how my new work is. =)

iloveit. so like ‘garage days.’ =) sounds easy and fun. but really, i know how the main-core boys work hard their ass off. i’m just a wallflower in the office so i can have the fun while they code and code and code.

the ‘ITi’ girl. that’s my arms, not poste sa VECO.

the rockstar boss

seaman jeph

the goodboy diko

and, my macpro… borrowed from miches =)

more pics here if you really really care. =)