machor theory

among the 3, meg is the most positive about my going back to work out of the house. she’d tell me, from time to time, that ‘wait lang ko, ma’ before i left for work.

karton girl

while, migi is not so supportive about it. time to time he’d tell me that ‘ayaw lang ka work. briza lang ka.’ so early this morning, i did not stop asking him why he does not want me to go to work.

me: ngano di man ka mosugot mo work ko?
migi: di ko. di ko gusto work ka.
me (nagging him): ngano lagi ba? sultii ko.
migi (tired of my nagging): di ka kabawo work.

poop. and, there i was ready to quit my job if i’d hear him tell me that he’s going to miss me. there goes my most awaited moment of having some sweet moments with my macho boy gone to thin air.

macho boy. fallen asleep while playing.

mati is totally different story. he’d cry like i totally broke his heart every time i leave for work. he’s definitely my boy. i don’t remember migi and meg to be like that before. it’s probably because we’re totally together/at each other for a year before i go back to work.

the baby. =) morning walks.

weird, because i got clingy boys. while i have a pretty independent girl. but really i notice between migi and meg, meg is more independent, can easily adjust, and more sociable. which could probably prove, if i could remember it right, some psych ‘theory’ that girls mature earlier than boys.

and, i think boys never mature.