krispy kreme and the materialistic me =)

from wagee sweet boy. =)
i was reading gayle’s ‘
Ang Pinaka Things that Make Me Happy that Costs from Zero to Ten Pesos’
and, i remember the very last krispy kreme that thankfully still manage to get to my tummy.
i asked wagee to bring me krispy kreme, if he could, on his bonding-with-daughter manila trip
surprisingly, he did. =)
more than the krispy kreme, the ‘thoughtfulness’ of a ‘friend’ is just simply heartwarming. =)

my orange nine west wallet from, fresh from the desert, tatziyow.
katas ng saudi. =)
it’s not about the wallet or it’s nine west (let me be brag owkie, it’s my first time to have a nine west wallet)
it’s because it’s orange. =)
friends know little details which makes it just sooo extra sweet you want to cry. =)

i was looking for a wagee pic when i saw the above 2 pics (there were a lot but i don’t want to flood this post with their faces)
i’m thankful that mark gets to have friends (others are not in the pic) like them =)
i’m not going to elaborate on this because too much mushiness, the boys might stay away from me =)

so i wish my kids to have friends who would make a bucket meal/pungko2x such a good moment. =)
real friends are just something parents cannot buy.