thursday – brought migi and meg to upcebu to enrol them to summer art workshop. migi hesitated joining. while meg was go-go. (really, these 2 can extreme opposites.) so meg was left at upcebu while migi went with mark to his office. i thought maybe tomorrow, he’d changed his mind.

no more artist kid in this family – after work, i went straight to national bookstore to buy the ‘list of art materials’ they gave me to buy. i buy 2 for each material, the blue and red/pink combo, — one for migi and one for meg. i conclude, art is costly — too many art stuffs to buy! therefore i’m crossing ‘artist’ from my wish list of what will my kids be. just for a ‘basic art appreciation’ class, and this long list of materials to buy. how much more when they’re in advanced course.

friday — migi no show of interest. he said he just want to stay home and play ‘racing cars.’ i felt my world crashing down (owkei, i was being exagge). but i was thinking he might be left behind by meg, and