any one wants to join me biking?

and, let the spandex boys eat dusts? =) hehe

it’s been quite some time that mark’s convincing me to bike.
i like the idea of biking.
when i was still a member of a Gym, their stationery bike was my favorite machine.
i would then imagine i was biking on some hills with sea and mountains at both sides
fresh air to my face
add some hiffhaff music
and, i can stay on the stationary bike for an hour or 2!

anyway, i promised myself and mark that after mati turned 1, i’ll start biking
well mati turned 1 last feb
and, nothing happened
i don’t have problems with getting down and dirty
i’m a barriotic girl
my problem is it takes time.
lots of time away from my kids

and, most of all, it will give mark valid reason to buy a new bike!
and, this is the main reason why i’m still not buying that bike idea.