Security business

Last Tuesday in sm, I was held up for like 2 hours by a savings/
insurance agent (they said they’re not selling insurance but still
they’re all the same to me). One hour for her product presentation
(more of trying to appeal to your emotions), and another hour of me
trying my best of politely refusing her offer. She can’t even give me
the interest rate i’d get if ever I withdraw my money after 5 years,
and she already want me to commit right then and there by swiping the
initial payment of 16k somethin to my credit card?!?

I believe in all those insurance/savings/managed funds churva policy.
It’s a great way to save. But please just don’t sell it to me as
‘security’ – that I gotta have it or else my future and my children’s
future will be doomed. It’s kinda cynical but my belief is that
there’s no such thing in this world as security! (even superpower US
has financial crazy episodes)

Mark and I used to argue about getting educational policy but mark
insisted of not getting one because according to him he trust his/our
genes. =) And, thinking about it now, more than securing an
educational insurance for my kids, what’s more important is for my
kids to realize the value of learning (if you think about it, buying
an educational inurance is easier to do than instilling(?) good
values).. I believe once they have that attitude, it’s a ‘security’
enough that even without us, they will find ways to educate theirselves.

But yes I do believe in saving for the future so that I will not be
dependent on my kids for the basic needs. Instead of buying me
groceries, they’d be buying me those LV’s and whatever-are-those-
insanely-priced stuffs in gretchen barreto’s closet. And when I’d die,
I’d donate them all to charitable institutions. So who needs security?
Only the malls, banks, airports etc need security guards. Popcorn

I’m getting nowhere. I’m just venting my crazy experience with the
insurance agent. Who righteously told me ovee and over that I do not
understand saving, and had even to make a story of what if my husband
and kids get caught by a big wave in our beach outing (God forbid!) —
emotional blackmail just so I’d buy my future security from her/them.

By the way, I got a wallclock from them in exchange for my 2 hours
spent on them. =)