meg is pretty excited about going to school. so we sometimes have this ‘school’ conversation. some i could remember that i find funny.

we were at migi’s school.
me: palit nya ta black shoes kay mag black shoes man sa school.
meg: pink man ako.
me: di oy. black shoes man basta sa school. tan-awa si kuya, black shoes sad iya.
meg: boy ko? boy ko? (with that girly raise voice)
me: mag black shoes man bisan girl. tan-awa si dahlia, black shoes man iyaha.
meg: pink ako. pink pink pink pink pink

during tricycle ride.
me: gusto ka parehas kang kuya nga bag imo para school?
meg (in a you-can-never-argue-with-me tone): di. pink ako. ‘na doll. (referring to bags with barbie on it)

i just find it cute that despite meg being rough, deep inside her is a pink barbie girl. =) and, she only knows the color ‘pink.’ =) girls are just pinky flowery sunshiny cute. =)

i’m planning to buy school stuffs early, way before enrollment will start to avoid the rush. so from time to time whenever i go on errand, i bought itsy bitsy school stuffs. but i just realized that what i mostly bought are sharpeners (3 pairs for migi and meg). the last time i was in national bookstore, i had to stop myself from buying yet again another pair of pink/blue sharpeners. reason? i do not know. maybe, i was sharpener deprived during my childhood.