panic button

migi is staying at school today from 9am-4pm (basically whole day) for some practice
with that kind of sched, i or someone would make ‘apas’ (i’m so taglish like that) around lunchtime to check on him and accompany him until they’re done (you know how kids have almost non-existing attention span)
but since i’m working not at home
and, ate mona is left with mati and meg
i just have to take a leap of faith that he’ll be fine on his own at school. whole day.
of course, his ever reliable teacher is there but she has lots of things to do than just look after migi

i asked someone to fetch him at 4pm
i called that someone but he has not fetch him yet
really, no need for panic button?
his teacher has not texted me either so i assume every thing’s fine

i hope i’m not being too much on teaching him how to be independent. =)

i could imagine him now so stinky and yagit. =)