my 2nd ‘kinugos’

for this year
gabriel shann
feb. 25, 2009 – march 5, 2009
i promised your mother to buy you cake and balloons for your Christening but that did not happen because i was not able to make it on that day
so i promised myself that i’ll do it next time
but, sadly, i could never give you that cake and balloons
but, i know you’ll have more than cakes and balloons to where you are right now

please say ‘thank you’ to Jesus for giving us the chance to have you even for a few moment.
I love you, baby gab. =)

** his mother has APAS (it’s a genitical disease. auto-immune disease. just google it.) it only came out when she got pregnant. it resulted to pre-eclampsia, water retention, affected the kidney, lungs, and heart. very dangerous if not taken care of. his mother is already owkei, recovering. baby gab was born very premature (29 weeks) because he no longer received enough nourishment. every time, her mother’s BP is high, no food can enter into the ‘matres’.
for greater possibility of survival for prematures, babies must be born at least 33 weeks. because it’s when the lungs are fully developed, the veins in the brain are stronger. etc etc.

added note from what i read in the internet, some women who have multiple miscarriages are sometimes just dismiss as having a simple miscarriage and are just advice to try again. but they might have APAS. God forbid, if you experience or you know somebody who has multiple miscarriages, maybe they can try to look into this.

it was not an easy pregnancy for both the mother and the child, and, even to us who witness the whole ordeal. so somehow i’m/we’re thankful that the baby can finally rest, and so the mother (‘at home’ para klaro).