Looking forward to

* finishing my driving lessons. I just want to get done and get over
with it. I realized I have not much patience with being taught, I’d
rather self-study so I only have to deal with myself. But no man is an
island. =)

* my new job (God willing). To say i’m excited is an understatement.
But there are a lot of thoughts/concerns that kind of holding me back
from being too giddy about it. Having been a stay-at-home mother for
awhile makes me realize the differences of being with your kids 24/7.
So I’m now pretty much concerned of how not to lose the connection I
have with my kids. The guilt of being away from them. And, there’s
migi – we just kind of started with our ‘harmonious’ mother-and-son
relarionship and here i am again so eager to be away from home; i’m
scared that we’ll be back to square 1 again. Tough tough tough. But
I’d like to believe that this job is God’s sent so I know He’ll make
it work perfectly fine.

* for the Cebu visit of my 2 closed friends, 1 from Dubai and 1 from
the Manila-e. I’m soooo looking forward to our endless talks/catching-
ups. I wish mag-abot sila 2 diri Cebu – that would be a blast.

* school closing. No more morning rush.

* summer. Summer classes for migi and meg, and maybe mati too. I’m
thinking of something physical – maybe swimming because it’s unisex.
=) love to hear suggestions from you.

* school opening. This time it will be migi and meg. Meg’s super
excited already. We’ll be moving to a new school that has a carpool
because migi’s current school does not have one. With me working also,
it’ll be hard to be going back and forth sending off/fetching the
kids. I’m still looking at the idea of putting them in a preschool
somewhere in lahug, somewhere near to where we work. But I’m concerned
with the stress migi and meg will go thru of commuting to and from
‘lacion, and I kinda feel lahug area is so commercialized. But would
love to hear suggestions from you.