hindi ako si Darna

My first day of work will be this March 23. It was a perfect date. I met the boss and got the offer last month so I have  a month to prepare and straighten some family/kids matters before going back to work.

Then, I just knew that march 25 will be migi’s recognition day. I havent started working yet, but I’m already thinking of how to excuse myself from work so i can attend migi’s recognition day.

Motherhood and working is not that easy combination. Even how superwoman we are, there’s always situations where when you need to decide which — kids/work, add to that the husband — needs to Be in the backseat. As Obama mentioned in the last chapter his 2nd book, even if men and women are already considered equal but still the burden of childcaring majorly still lies on the mother (he knows how to appeal to the people’s sentiments). When kids get sick/babysitter is absent, it’s mostly the mother who will first give up what she’s doing to be with the child. that’s probably the reason why sometimes mothers would just be contented with some no-brainer/wallflower/less demanding job which they knew that the company they work can still function even without them. Yes, I know that fathers also have the burden of providing for the whole family, which i know is not also an easy feat.

So it’s one of the things you should really think about before going forth and multiply (this is a late note for myself. as I thought before that motherhood is as easy no-sweat as it looks on tv ads and glossy mags). but If you think about it, it’s no really big deal. I can just skip migi’s event. For all I  know he does not give an effen care. Or, I can absent from work, who cares. But what if the child cares, and you’re on a task that will skyrocket your career.

well, there are always ways to balance things but it might mean sucking the life out of you. i’m not scaring you though. it’s just a thought worth thinking about before working on the product of your LOVE.