happiest debutante

my family (my side of family) is not much into ‘formal/themed’ parties
we’re more of into ‘kumbira’ barriotic style =)
so i was surprised when i received an invitation for my cousin’s debut, kate
with matching note on what color to wear
she’s having some ‘reggae’ themed party (oh, kids!)
with 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 dances, 18 treasures (i was part of the treasure)
really, i did not get it
it’s because i just don’t really get the point of having a big party on your 18th birthday

but seeing how genuinely happy kate was during the celebration
how her smile/laughter was so warmth and contagious
it was worth it
her happiness at that time was priceless

she has passion for dancing
she’s a member of USC dance troupe
so you can imagine the dancing at that night
it was really fun. no boring moment.
and, it’s actually my first time to see her dance (the last time i saw her dance was when she joined little miss springwoods, and she was like 4 years old. hehe)

to my relatives, more pics here from my camera
and more here, from the proxy photographer, mark

it makes me wonder if meg would also ask for a debut party =) yay! =)