google/kabul beauty school

‘The Google Story’ by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed. Does anybody here still use yahoo to search the internet? i guess i was like in 2nd/3rd year college when i started using google. and, from then on, it’s always google. that even if i lost something like my eyeglasses, my first reaction is to go to the computer to google for it (exagge but it happens sometimes). that’s how google become such a part of life.

well, about the book — you can skip it. there’s nothing in there that you probably have not read on the internet. it’s really different when the book is written from a 3rd person point of view. you can feel more intense passion and the excitement when the author are the founders or persons personally involved (1st person POV) in the business or whatever craft. if it’s a 3rd person — they tend to hype things up, sugarcoat.

one thing to note in the book though is that it dedicated 1 whole chapter to the 1st google chef, Charlie Ayers. it’s stated in the book that more than the excellent food that he served, he sort of had big contribution to the google culture. take note of CULTURE. all the start-up business related books i read always put emphasis on culture. so if you’ll create a business, always consider the culture you want to create (a profit-driven culture or the do–no-evil/all-i-want-is-world-peace culture). =)

‘Kabul Beauty School’ by Deborah Rodriguez. after a problematic marriage, she joined a medical mission, as the only beautician in the team, to Afghanistan. then after the mission, she went back to afghanistan and opened a beauty school.

the book gives you a glimpse of the male-dominated culture of afghanistan. though, it’s expected as they’re a moslem country.

anyhoo, if you’re living in a 1st world country, reading this would be totally enlightening. but i, a 3rd world resident, somehow, have an idea on how it is to be in a poor country. but still i’m so grateful to be in a country where we, women, have freedom and rights. after i read the book, i’m so thankful to be in the country where girls can flirt with boys without being casted out, where it’s not a crime to be not a virgin, where women can freely go to school. 

it’s a nice read. =)