postvalentine’s day/birthday post

i saw this documentary about the survival of 2 baby monkeys. one baby monkey was provided with food but was left alone. the other baby monkey had no food at all but an adult monkey accompanied him, caring for him. it turned out that baby monkey without food lived longer than the baby monkey with food but was left alone. i guess this is a proof that ‘when we’re hungry, love will keep us alive.’ so even if we do not have an obama and a close-to-trillion stimulus package in this time of financial crisis, we do not have to worry much as long as we have that L-O-V-E (of course it’s easy for me and you to say because we eat 3 or more times a day.)

i remember the time mati was born, we were advised by the pedia to stay one more day because she find him a bit way too yellow. i guess it was because at first i was kind of feeling distant from him (i made a post about this, how mati was the almost-taken-for-granted baby). so i guess an advice i could give to the upcoming mothers — more than the vitamins, OB visits and other preparations — is to love your babies way even before they come out to this world. sing, ‘i know i love you before i met you.’ =) (popcorn)

anyhoo, this valentine’s and mati’s birthday, i would like to thank God for blessing us with people who love mati, migi, meg, and the rest of my family. thank you to all those who show genuine big and also to those even just a slight concern/care/love to my kids. thank you for not making us numb, but still let us see/feel/value/appreciate love despite all the negativities.

happy birthday, mati boy. no ear pulling please.