new kid on the block

had mati’s head shaved on his birthday, feb18. i don’t know how different he looks now from being long-haired but one thing is sure he will no longer be confused for a girl.

brought him to the pedia last saturday. he just weighed 9.1kg – short of .9kg to be in the average weight range for a 1-year-old kid. but thankfully, the pedia was not making a fuss of it. unlike with meg’s case (yes, meg was way underweight before) that the pedia had her urine tested countless times, we even had to go through a urine culture (thankfully though, they all came out negative) because of her being so underweight even after the fattening vitamins given to her. i guess those fattening vitamins just shows their results now on meg. anyway, thank God we do not need to go thru those urine tests with mati because it’s not easy getting a urine sample from kids in this age. you have this ice-water kind of plastic bag with a sticky tape at the rim of the hole, which you would then stick to the flower/bird (does not look comfy at all); and, if there’s no weewee after 2 hours, you need to replace it (sanitary purposes). and, back to mati’s weight, i know he’ll catch up — it’s in our genes, ‘healthy’ genes! =)

he was given a shot of chickenpox vaccine. just a little fyi: even if you have  this vaccine, it does not mean you can no longer have chickenpox. there’s still a possibility but only lesser, and if ever you’ll get it, it will not be that ‘grabe.’ i guess it’s not really that necessary to get this vaccine; but not having sick kids is necessary for me! =)

he initiated walking on his own days before his birthday. migi walked at 11 months. meg at 10 months. meg was the earliest to walk. she did not go thru the crawling stage. see, girls are braver! =)

nothing much interesting happened at the pedia clinic. we’ll be back next month there with the 3 kids for the flu vaccine. yes, it’s flu vaccine time — in case, you want to get one! =)