i need a job badly.

because i like this badly. after i bash on on steve jobs overratedness.

i promise myself that my next job will be something that is self-fulfilling which is in line with helping the humanity. something my kids will look up to.
but here i am, just after i got hold of an iphone (from mark’s workmates), i’d do any kind of job just to have this itouch (not iphone because that would mean selling my soul already).
i like for its easy wifi connectivity. it means i can go online while bfeeding mati, while taking a comfort rest, or eating, it whatever.
and, it’s touchscreen is very very sensitive. easy to use.

i hate it but those sign-up bonus offered by some callcenters is playing on my mind. =)
and, i hate it more that i’m even considering of not putting migi and meg to school just to get this.

evil consumerism. but it helps the economy. =)