this is the 3rd restaurant in terraces that i tried, because most of the time, all the restos in that place are jampacked.

for someone who is used to a menu which always listed baby-back-ribs, it’s a nice new place to try for a change. i do not see baby back ribs in the menu or maybe they just have a different name for it. they offer greek dishes. i grow up to chinese restaurants so i have no idea about greek dishes but they came to me as some kind of an italian-slash-persian kind of ‘genre.’

though nothing is familiar to me on their menu, i could still say that i could add this to my you-could-never-go-wrong restaurants — .those restos that you know when you go there, you’ll be satisfied (mine is casa verde, pizza roma now roma mia, bigbys, those dimsum chain =), marco polo eat-all-you-can (buffet para sosyal hehe), kfc and anything fastfood, bbqhan, lola inda’s, ng nita’s/browngate, sutukil. shasha. pungko2x. what a list.)

to a baby-back-ribs eater like me, i started with those ‘grass’ salads (me like), pasta (me like), gyro (not sure if this is the spelling. me like), some meat/shrimp/cheese (me like). and, ice-cold coke! =) weeehhh, .