Or soreloser?

One time, migi and meg were playing ‘coin battle’ on wii. Between migi and meg, migi is the better player — well, if you spent every waking hour on wii… (crappy mama alert)

Anyway, after some time playing, migi threw tantrums like rolling on the floor with matching ‘bundak’ sa tiil. He was really that mad… Crossed. He was shouting, “ako man tudlo nimo, meg. Hatag na coins nimo ako.” it turned out he was not happy that meg won – that meg was able to gather more coins than him to think that he’s the one who coached her how to play it.

To appease him, ate mona told him that he should be happy that his ‘student’ meg did learn very well from him… To the point of beating him in his own game.

Anyway, the ‘bitchfit’ did not last that long. Being kids, they go back to playing.

Funny, how kids can sometime be ‘enlightening.’ aside from being smart and all the good traits in this world, I also want my kids to have a healthy ego! In time mag, Obama mentioned something that one of the reasons why he will make a good leader because he beleives he has healthy ego that he does not mind to surround his self with people smarter than him.

Looking back at the previous companies I worked, I can’t help but say that it’s rare to find people with healthy ego. I, for one, do not have a healthy ego. In workplace, for example, you’d see how some middle managers rejected good ideas from their subordinates because either they underestimate them or they’re scared to be booted out from his position.

Back to the kids, i kind of was confused how to feel about the situation. looking at it negatively, i should feel bad because migi was not being a good sports. but looking at it in a positive light, i should feel happy because migi was showing a sign of being competitive. it take guts and balls to be competitive so i always have this respect for competitive people. i kind of believe that this type of people bring the world forward.

this is going nowhere. my point is that i want my kids and a few of the rest of the humanity (just a few because it would be such a pain to have too many competitive people) to be competitive but must have a healthy ego at the same time.

so do you have a healthy ego? =) or, you just have pure ID (if i could still remember it right, according to freud, ID is all about self-satisfaction at any time/place/situation so it’s like having sex in the bus. read: in-heat dogs.)?