smiling for no reason at all

aside from my kids being healthy and their asses are complete with holes (a medrep friend of mine once mentioned that an OB (not BO) told her that there’s an increased rate of babies born without ‘ass holes.’), i feel genuinely happy at migi’s bad writing. i don’t know why but i guess it’s a mother thing. =)

other little migi things that make me feel so warm:

* every time i’m late in picking him up from school, either i’d see him squatting down on the playground, playing with soil and all dirtied up, or covered with grass in search of grasshopper, and when he’d see me, he’d dash towards me laughing/smiling and asking me endlessly, ‘ngano dugay man ka, ma?’

* he is very rough with meg (i think he sees meg as his equal) but very gentle with mati. he has that look of love for mati. even if mati would pull his ears, bite him, pinch him, he would just beg mati to stop. i still remember the first night we’re home from the hospital with mati. i was already preparing for the first few nights to be ‘difficult’ – with all the adjustments in sleeping set up. but migi gave up his place and move to the other room with nobody telling him to do it. i guess he has that brother bear love for mati boy. =)

* when he’d ask me to buy him a toy, and i’d refuse to. he would then tell me as a compromise, ‘igkapista na lang.’ (we have this rule that we’ll buy toys on birthdays, christmas, and ‘pista,’ specifically pista sa lacion.)

* this just happens once but i still remember it clearly, i was asleep when i felt someone pulling my shirt and i discovered that it was him pulling my shirt down to cover my bare tummy.

* his not showy with affections, but there are times that he’d approach me and secretly tell me, ‘baby mati ko, ma,’ meaning he wants to be cuddled and kissed and babied. =)

i know nothing extra unusual/special with this list, but knowing migi (as mark would say not built for ‘small talks’, in short, insensitive), it’s heartwarming to see the soft side of him once in a full moon. =)