migi’s package

everybody in the house got so excited when we got a ‘claim stub’ from the postman saying that there’s a package addressed to miguel buenconsejo for pick up. we’re excited envious kind of way that migi, a 4-year old, has a package while us the grown ups haven’t experienced getting packages.

following day, i send migi and mark earlier than their usual ‘take-off’ time so they can pick up the package on the way to school. and, i was instructig mark to text me the details about the package, from whom, etc etc. i was that excited!

so the package, the source of excitement at home, was from:

ninang tim2x from the land down under. thank you, ninang tim.

everybody’s excited to take part of the ‘package event.’ even ate mona.

it’s toy cars, matchbox

reminds to make and send out ‘thank you’ notes the traditional way.