feeling close to barry (barack)

i had read ‘Dreams from My Father’ by papa barack obama, and he mentioned “Filipino’ 3-5 times in the book. most of his growing-up days were spent in hawaii were according to him is a true ‘melting pot,’ it’s where he got to mingle with chinese, malaysians, FILIPINOS, etc. yeah, i know it’s like being related to him in a ‘friend of a friend of a cousin of the neighbor of the sister-in-law of the ex-boyfriend’ kind of connection, friendster-kind of relationship, but it feels good to see the Filipino word in his book. not just any book but a book written by papa barry, the 1st african/american usa president. =)

the book is far from chinua achebe’s. well, i only know chinua achebe in the african lit so…  but as according to marian wright edelman (no idea who she is. too lazy to google), the book is
“Perceptive and wise, this book will tell you something yourself whether you are black or white.”

he wrote this book when he was elected as the president of harvard law review (1st black president again). it details more of his younger days until he went to law. this would be a nice read to confused kids, college kids, full of angst kids. you know that stage where you are in the ‘makibaka’ mode, and you feel like you’re too smart to be in school, what education is all about, the meaning of life. do all people go thru this stage or only the smart ones?!? =)

i read this book because of chismis. i wonder what’s in his mind. is he just a hype overrated smooth talker boy. from what i read, he seems to be a person who thinks a lot, who questions a lot, who reads people’s minds/actions, he pays great attention to details of social dynamics, and then he knows how to listen to other people. he’s the type of person you would not get tired talking to.

so on the other side, i’m not sure if i’d like to read his book if he did not become president. i did not finish his ‘audacity of hope,’ it’s too political sheet. i like the ‘dreams from my father’ because he seems to be still naive here. =)