2008 biggest regret

not naming our 3rd baby barakiel. (for those who knew my story, i wanted to name mateo barakiel)
like kids who were named marcial because they were born during martial law.
i should have insist on barakiel for mat because barach obama is the ‘new black’.
i must have some ‘prophesy-ing’ skills when for out-of-no-reason i wanted barakiel for baby #3

this thought came out because mark was busy buying barack obama mags/books (i’m scared he’d be over exposed like kc concepcion)
while i was frustrated that i could no longer find a YES january issue, which featured willie revillame

on the other thought, mark said he only find 1 book about george bush which title is ‘The Lies of George Bush’
well, at least, he has a book about him.

on the other other thought, what’s up with ‘Twilight’
i belong to the ‘harry potter’ era.
Fully Booked is fully booked with this twilight sequel
i guess every corner, they have this one whole table full of display of twilight
but no display of willie!