raising the white flag… almost

i think mati is now in the ‘clingy’ stage
he wants me to be with him all the time… all the time…
when i’m out of sight just for a second, he goes to a crying fest

he is also now in the ‘learning to walk’ stage
i bought him that walker, the one he can push
but no, it only interested him for a few minutes
which means i’m his human harness, his human walker
and, you know when a kid discover the beauty of walking, their 1st step to freedom and mine
they always want to go around
so i have not much choice but to go round and round the house, holding hands with him
out in the mini lawn, into the street and back
and, we’re doing it majority of his waking hour

and, if i’m not his human walker
we’re always ‘ginaksanay,’ kupot pag-ayo kay malunod
that’s our drama

and, add to that, he’s teething
clingy, moody, i don’t-know-what’s-wrong-with-you kind of moody, crybaby
plus the coughs/colds which i think is due to the teething
or just because babies get sick

i’m sooo wanting to give him my resignation letter
i know this is my 3rd, number 3 baby so i should have gotten used to this
but with the first 2 kids, i was working, i was not home all the time
so i get to have days off, when i’m at work, from migi and meg
by the time i got to be with them, i’m pretty much happy to be their slave
in the name of ‘making up for the lost time’

but with mati, i’m with him 24/7
and, i just cannot understand why he cannot let go of me just for a few minutes even just for me to weewee
even asleep, he wants that every time he moves, he could feel me beside him
gawd, mati, give me some life!!!
or, else i’ll drop you off at asilo. kwidding.