mini me

as migi and meg are now older, somehow their personalities are starting to show
i observe that migi is more like mark
and, meg is i

i then notice that mark tends to favor migi
while i tend to favor meg
i guess it’s because mark understands more migi, and so i with meg
mark hates meg’s being ‘sabaan’
meg would cry like she’d die at the slightest provocation (and, migi is a tease. read: CHAOS)
he cannot tolerate it while i just let it go
i know that she’s just being emotional – the drama queen
and, she just wanted to be ‘hapuhap’

while i cannot tolerate migi’s hardheadedness/stubbornness and ‘deadmatic’ personality
i could be already on the brink of losing my sanity, but migi has just this ‘i-don’t-care-look’ in his face
and, mark would tell me to just let it go