2 toddlers, 1 infant, and i joined mark’s office outing to sumilon (always confused it with simala, they rhyme) last saturday.
it was fun…
fun way of committing suicide. jowk.
mark was assigned to the 2 toddlers
so i was handling mati all the time
from the long van ride, to the short pumpboat ride back and forth
stroller and bags and knickknacks
mini climbing, getting settled and unsettled

so is sumilon beautiful?
i have no idea
every thing came out a blur to me
like 80% of the time, my attention were on the kids
no ate mona to help out

so is sumilon beautiful?
i’m sure i’d like to go back there
but only if i have a full-staff crew back up
or, no kids around
or, all kids are grown up and can look after their selves

no kiddie pool, no kid’s play area
but love the beach
and, the trekking — not so kid-friendly but that’s adventure all about

back at home
all kids sick — cough, colds, fever
mark and i were spent
it was one ‘ambitious’ outing

i can feel it