why the chicken cannot cross the road?

i, somehow, now understand why i have this ‘not-yet-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman’ confusion about my motherhood status. almost all of my close friends (as if daghan jud ko’g friends noh) are single. i have 1 or 2 who have baby already but they become socially invisible. i don’t know what’s with having kids that would somehow make one socially disconnected temporarily (or is it just me?).

anyhoo, thing is i do love the rare moments i get to bond with my single friends – talking about life/work matters, boy matters, getting-over-you-getting-over-me dramas, finding mr right/perfect, and any thing related to that, you know typical girl talk, single girl talk. but somehow i wish i could also talk to them about ‘married-having kids’ life and any thing related to that. well, i could blahblah about kids/marriage life in front of them but they could not totally relate to it. i’m wishing they could sympathize to me when i’d start venting out some marriage/kids issues/frustrations instead of telling me, ‘maayo gali ka nahimutang na ka/naa na ka’y anak, kami wa pa tawn.’ pakapinan pa jud og, ‘you’re so blessed with a loving husband and beautiful kids’ – in short, stop whining. =) how can i argue with that. so it’s better to shut up and go back to talking about boys, unrequited love, i’m-over-him-but-not-quite-over-him’ dramas, should i move on or not dramas. =) (hehe. you know who you are) 

lately, i get to know some mothers like me. which hopefully would become my friends like this close. one is a mother to migi’s schoolmate who is older than me, and everyday whole day she stays at the school to wait for her grade 1 daughter. as in whole day, 5 days a week, she’s at school. i salute her for her devotion/love to her daughter but can you spell LIFE please?!? hehehe (beatchy ba?)

there’s another mother who i got to know more thru neighborhood chismis but i’m not going to elaborate because there are chances she might read this. and, yes i like her. maldita! =)

and, there’s this very good in communication skills (in short ‘tabian’) mother, after talking this and that opened up a part of her life, about broken marriages and getting it fix. i was happy that finally, for once, some one talk to me about marriage/kids, and that i know that we got the message across each other without further elaborations.

any walkway, i kind of think that real marriage issues are too heavy for me. you know, i can just laugh off at my friend’s story about unrequited love/breaking up with a boyfriend for like the nth time, but husband/wife getting separated is definitely not a laughing matter. losing a boylet, it’s just easy to say to move on and then start fantasizing on other boylets. but can i say that to a wife left behind by a husband?!? it’s too much work for my brain and heart. mura’g di pa ko ready about serious issues. i think i’d settle for pa tweetums drama for now. =)