thanksgiving day

this week has been quite… i don’t know what word to describe it.
anyway, my ‘special child’/autistic cousin is sick
he has a not-so-good infection which resulted to a big bulge at the right side of his head
which alarmed us all because it might had affected his brain
since both of his parents are abroad, as the eldest cousin, i am, somehow, responsible
anyway, a lot of questions, issues, uncertainties, a bit of disappointments, guilt feelings
but let’s not dwell on that
instead, i want to thank the Lord for putting all things on places

i want to thank the velez hospital for refusing to admit us with the ER nurse’s reason that all surgeons were on conference
i perfectly understand them as my cousin was in an ‘aggressive’ mode
(it was i who decided to go with velez because mark turned me into a velez-loyalist, long story
plus their patient traffic is not that much so the staffs could really take good care of you)
but in the end they still accepted us

which is thanks a lot to my good friend/batchmate, who i can’t believe, is actually now a real practising doctor, Godo
who helped us get into the hospital
she bravely handled my cousin (imagine that it would take at least 4 men to ‘handle’ my cousin. and, she is this small 4’11” girl)

thanks to all the nurses, residents, and medical staffs who i felt were a bit ‘scared’ to handle my cousin but nevertheless they take good care of him

thanks to the 3 doctors who are handling my cousin – the psychiatrist, the infectious diseases, the ENT

thanks to bro. jerry for lifting our spirits up when we were so down
we’re already on the 2nd day in our hospital, and there are no conclusive findings yet from the doctor
as they’re also having a hard time of letting him undergo lab tests, scans as it’s difficult to make him cooperate
my cousin cannot talk so we do not know what really he is feeling
so we’re like guessing, groping for certainty that everything is alright
but thanks to the word of the Lord thru bro. jerry for the affirmation that everyting will be alright

an incision on the affected area was already made to discharge the ‘nana’/puss
according to the doctor, the infection is soooooo painful for my cousin
she still needs to do a follow-up operation to totally remove the cause of the infection
but before she can do that, we need to make my cousin be cooperative
the follow-up operation is not the problem, but it’s how to correct my cousin’s behavior

still, i’m looking forward that every thing will work out
aside from the right medical attention, the healing of my cousin, i deeply pray for someone’s heart to truly open up and accept my cousin.

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  1. he's got you, rosee. you're the answer to his prayers. God must have really loved you, He shared with you some of His load. keep it up, rosee. I salute your perseverance. This is not for the weak of heart.

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