terraces sa mga nakalugsong

i’m not gonna post my ‘scene’ pictures because a lot had uploaded about this place
so these are all ‘souvenir’ pictures

knew about this first from ‘maayong buntag kapamilya,’ the show was there during it’s ‘soft opening.’

mark said it’s like greenbelt.
haven’t been there so i’ll just believe him.
i find it so sosyal like if you want to make ‘rampa’ with all your blingblings, this is the place to be
i noticed it’s like 95% of the establishments is about FOOD.
it’s not so obesity-friendly. =) hehehe
and, no playroom or something for the kids.

i’m not so happy about the place because they don’t have a ramp or ‘agianan’ for strollers or even for handicaps when going up/down to the next floor.
so i guess the place is targeted mainly to the ‘yuppies’ singles without kids.

added FYI to the OFWs =): this is the ‘lagoon’ part before of ayala. where the mag ‘syotas’ usually have their dates on their day off. =)

THANKS to a dear contact for the correction, sorry, guys, chuvaness.com’s franchise is pepper LUNCH (edited, was wrong again) not that one in my pic. and, pepper LUNCH can be found in manila here in PH. again, sorry for the wrong info.