this is my 2nd time to visit Mama Mary in Simala
i suggest, if you want peace and quite retreat to Simala, do not go during weekends
a lot of ‘pilgrims’ visiting, who are 70% are like feeling ‘naa sila sa mall’
and that includes us

you’d most probably get frustrated when you try to have a sincere connection with Mama Mary, and then you see people texting while lining to kiss Mama Mary and there’s a big sign that says ‘Feel the presence of Mama Mary’
and, you see people taking pictures of Mama Mary when there’s a sign infront of them telling that ‘taking pictures is not allowed.’ and, they cannot even be discrete about it.

it kind of irked me seeing people carrying/holding their shoes/footwears in lining for Mama Mary
i just don’t get it that if they cannot have faith in Mama Mary to watch after their footwear, how much more with their ‘intentions/wishes/dreams.’

—– mouth zipped —- end of my himantayon talent —

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