how to celebrate all soul’s day

we attended a mass before going to the cemetery yesterday. the priest’s homily was about how ‘pinoys’ wrongly celebrate ‘all souls day’ – instead of praying and celebrating it solemnly, most of us opted doing the ‘videoke’ session at the cemetery, ‘halad2x,’ pista ibabaw sa panteyon and so on and so in.  i’m guilty of the ‘pista/kaon2x’ sa menteryo because that’s our family tradition. while mark agreed with the priest. well, different strokes for different folks. but we heed to the priests preaching so mark and i agree that we would not do any eating at the cemetery.

whoever was he playing tricks on us as this was the site that greeted us when we entered the gates of manila memorial park, red ribbon/jollibee, brutus, siomaiyan, fruit shake stand, etc. i said, ‘dili jud ta mangaon’ but my mind was already picturing burger steak. and, mark was all smiles while enumerating what he’s going to buy. =)
so we lit candles and made a ‘solemn’ prayer.

then without thinking twice, we went to the colorful booths. we probably spent more time checking the goodies and debating what to get than celebrating the souls. now i don’t wonder much why God is giving us ‘crisis.’ =)