beauty up

i just had the sudden urge to level up my beauty
to at least be a notch higher than the maxi-peeled skin of my yaya sisterhood
so that my husband would no longer confuse me as the ‘chimay’

it’s God will that mark and i had fight the night before
which put him in a bad mood
so he canceled his biking event today to show me that he’s sulking, in protest
and, i should feel guilty because now he’s sulking
but geez, i’m done with that tactic/strategy from migi and meg so me dedmatic
since he’s going nowhere, i took the chance of leaving mati to him
so i can find my outer beauty

it’s my very first time to have some facial
because i’m stingy
i find it too ‘sosyal’
and, simply because i don’t like it

but since after i gave birth, my all-time beauty regimen of eskinol/ponds gave me pimples
i tried other stuffs but they just don’t work on me
freckles are then populating my face
in short, tomtomon na ako nawong
which does not look so cute because i’m no white like lindsay lohan

so when finally, i had my facial done
i realized why i’m not totally sold out to ‘pa-facial’ is because
i’m impatient — i’m so not happy that it took 2 hours for the facial to finish
i could have done a lot of ‘rampa’ in the mall for the 2 hours
another reason why i don’t like it is the close contact with another human that you are not familiar
i find it a bit uncomfy for someone, i don’t know well, kneading my face for hours

i’m contented with the results though (anyway, facial or not, i’m beautiful since i’m God’s creation.)
and, i’m not traumatized
so most probably, i’ll be going back

so now, any one care to share some ‘pa beauty’ to replace my eskinol/ponds regimen?
don’t suggest gretchen barreto’s oil of olay because it did not work on me
sorry, gretch. =(