be nice

just have to ‘singit’ this. we have this german/american(basta puti), married/lived-in with a skinny minor-looking pinay, neighbor who has a ‘rude’ attitude according to the neighborhood ‘ate yayas.’ one time, the yaya sisterhood warned me to not my kids get near his house because he is ‘ngil-ad batasan.’ there’s this one incident that the kid across us accidentally bumped into their screendoor which made a lot of noise. so this white guy probably irked by the noise got after the kid, and was pointing2x to him threatening the kid to cut his head if he’d do it again.

really, the kids in the neighborhood can be rowdy and loud to the point of being annoying. it’s pretty owkei to scold/reprimand the kids but i guess threatening is a big No-No.

so anyway, i, together with the yaya sisterhood, wished loudly at that point, that his preggy wife would give birth to a very difficult cry baby.

just this or last week, his wife finally gave birth. and, i have this very big ‘isadora’/evilish grin plastered on my face. =)

day/night time everyday, i could hear the faint crying of their baby in our home. =) HAHAHAHA  God knows how to play tricks! =)

that was so bad of me. really, i do like to knock on their door and offer to hold their baby for a while so they can get some time to have some decent food/bath/poo2x/and even rest. but… =)

on the other note, my mati is clingy and feverish. teething probably. God, are you playing tricks on me also?