weather be good

it’s ‘trick or treat’ here and everywhere tomorrow, and all i ask/pray is a fab weather. i haven’t done any costume prep for my kids because dimmit i just do not know what will work for them. it might be the same last year that their outfits were a waste because they did not like them. any way whatever happens, there’s always the reliable garbage bag to wrap around on my kids. =)

aside from good weather, i also wish for some good UNDISTURBED sleep. no mamat crying for some feeding, and another kid on the other side crying for their ‘tete’ (for those pervs, it means milk), and another kid just leak their diaper and flood the bedsheet, and another kid needs to be brought to the CR (meg is diaper free) for some weewee, and another kid just wants to wake up in the middle night because that’s how babies are supposed to be, and another kid wants to be carried and rocked.

and just because there’s global financial crisis and extreme hunger in africa (some parts), it does not mean i no longer have the right to whine. yes, world wide universe, i’m totally spent for no particular and everything reason.