TABONG: the answer to all your photography needs =)

tabong, mark’s uncle, asked me last week to put some ‘mushy/makabagbag damdaming’ captions to his wedding portfolio, which he’s going to use for his marketing. =) it’s almost december which is the peak of wedding activities (yes, it’s not june). i don’t know what gave him an idea to give that ‘writing’ task to me. it’s most probably that he does not know any one else to do it. =)

since i’m not a natural born-to-write creature, i need time/moments and right mood before i could produce a fashion-magazine-kind-of lines. unfortunately, i don’t have much time nowadays since mati, now a 7-month old infant, somehow discovers that he has the right to impose his will, like he now prefers being held standing up instead of being in the walker, he does not like the idea of me doing other things while he is left rolling/tumbling and entertaining his self, and etc. his sleep nowadays is cut short to 30 minutes. there’s nothing much i can do with 30 minutes. so my hands are fuller. and, i’m too spent after the kids are down at night to think about mushy/catchy lines for tabong’s wedding pics.

so instead of ‘writing,’ i’d just pimp tabong to those who are getting married or who knows couple who are getting married or for whatever legal purposes to get him as the photographer. he’s a very experienced maniniyot, from classy nude pics, to school ids, to graduation with matching backdraft, to conferences, to birthdays, to burials, to pageants, etc etc. he can do a wedding pictorial the barriotic way like ‘pagdrama nga nagmake up ka then click click.’ or to those at-the-moment/stolen shots kind of pic. or, the artsy fartsy glossy-magazine kind of pics.

(the poorly done watermarks on the pictures were done by me. just for pre-cautionary measures against ‘plagiarism’ since these are not my pictures.)

you can contact tabong at 4239591. remember TABONG is the name, the answer to all your photography needs. =) and, even for ‘picture-taking’ lessons.

if tabong does not ring a bell, his son is changkol who is a petron art hall of famer (i kind of invented this but i guess it has some truth). but still i’m a bigger fan of TABONG the old-school photographer. =)

let me end this post with a line from tabong when i asked him once some tips on photography, ‘photography is about playing with lights.’ bow. =)