i’m sad ogie diaz is no longer on ‘umagang kay ganda.’
his segment was the only thing WE look forward to.
but i’m happy to know that a lot of people share my sentiments
the article about the issue in has 13 pages of comments
sikat sad diay ni si ogie diaz.

without ogie diaz on that show, that show will surely go down the drain. =) hehehe

on the other side of the road, have you noticed rica peralejo’s new hair/look on UKG?
i cannot find a pic of it on the net
but it looks like she idolizes bernadette sembrano a lot.
ka look alike na sila.

there’s a rumor of a relationship between edu manzano and plinky webb
well, they’re old. nobody cares i guess.
but still i write about it. =) hehehe

and, donita rose. she’s all cute and pa-funny.
and that’s it.

so it’s only ogie diaz who’s making that show interesting.
‘maayong buntag kapamilya’ (cebu version of UGK) is even more fun to watch.
wala lang. =) all in the name of chismis.