doctorate in grasshopper catching

every time i’m late in picking up migi from school, this is what usually would greet me – migi busy in chasing grasshoppers.
we could not go home not until he’d catch one. one time, he threw fits because the only grasshoppers he could catch are the ‘baby’/small ones. currently, his new goal is catching bigger grasshoppers. ambisyoso!
and, when we’d get home, he’d go straight to the neighborhood’s ‘grassy’ area to ‘fish’ for grasshoppers again. one day, he complained that there’s no longer grasshopper at the ‘tree park’ (his favorite spot for grasshopper catching). so i brought him to the playground area, and there he jumped/hopped after grasshoppers. he was proud that he caught, finally, a ‘dako grasshopper.’
he proudly declared that ‘tambok bobot ang grasshopper.’

and grasshopper story does not end there. he’d sleep with his grasshoppers. and, in the middle of our deep sleep, i’d hear noise, someone jumping off the bed — it’s migi ‘sleepwalking’ chasing/trying to catch grasshoppers in his dream.

it’s probably what mark called ‘passion.’ =)