but is love really all that matters?!?

* it’s beginning of the month, bills/loveletters start to come in. though i know they’re just ‘bayranan’ but i still feel giddy excited to open them up in the hope that they’re sending in some freebies which i don’t remember that i get one, or colorful discount coupons which is not really much a discount. like if you buy 5t worth of blahblah, you get a free iced tea. like duh! it looks like they really do not have any intention of giving/discounting.

* globelines has this so hi-tech automated call reminding you of your due/overdue bills. sooo creative of them. but why cannot they make some automated call ‘thanking’ the customer for paying. ain’t it a basic customer service rule.

* when we had our smartbro connection transferred here in briza, they did not get any signal so we discontinue our subscription with them. months ago, our across the road neighbor subscribed to smartbro but got no signal. then just yesterday, another neighbor across us tried to subscribe for smartbro service but still no signal. smartbro mga kapatid, don’t you have any records about your failed installations?!? i guess it’s clear as the wilkins water that you do not have signal in this area so why bother unless you made improvements to your facility. it saves you time, and most of all your customer’s time and money.

* globe, and this time i’m talking about their celphone/handyphone services, you know those infotexts they send you. then, they’d tell you that you can text stop for them to stop sending those infotexts. so you send STOP to stop those annoying ‘you will win blahblah just text blahblah.’ then, truly it stopped. but then days later, there will be another different globe number sending you infotexts. then again they’d tell you to just text STOP if you don’t want to receive another message from them. gawd, they just won’t stop.
* i’m a showbiz/chismis person thus i’m a pep.ph regular visitor. it’s a chismis site. it’s fun and all. but i just don’t quite get it why the comments of readers/viewers would all boil down to network wars. like angel lacson is now laos, people would then comment that it’s because of abs-cbn. and, jennelyn mercado is preggers, people would also comment that its because she’s a gma star. how about the financial crisis, is it also the fault of gma and abs-cbn?!? it looks like gma/abs-cbn are dumbing their kapamilya and kapuso.

but is love really all that matters?!? nina asked this question, and it has been ringing in my head replacing my constant/most favorite ‘when-can-i-have-my-undisturbed-sleep? question. so is love all that matters. married once with 3 kids but i don’t know the answer. the only thing i can think of, the closest answer i can think of is like ‘how come some people with a successful high-paying job are unhappy. and, there are some people who have the lousiest/lowest-paying job but they’re happy.’ probably love is all that matters?!?

did i miss out on something?