wear and make your own havaianas

the social ladder climber in me was screaming to go to sm northwing for that make-your-own havaianas event. so off i went yesterday afternoon, on my havaianas high which i got from our friendly neighbor on a 45-day installment (any thing ‘utang’ is me). as i got to sm, i could see havaianas-wearing people carrying havaianas paper bags. which made me feel redundant. why did i and other people wear havaianas to buy havaianas? school uniform?!?

when i finally got to the northwing, i was shocked to see havaianas-wearing people lining. and, i thought we are on crisis. any way, i was not able to buy any thing because they no longer let any one enter the enclosed area as it’s already jampacked. they already had enough havaianas-wearing people inside the ‘baligyaanan’ area up to closing time of the mall. we’re asked by the havaianas-wearing staffs to come back the other day instead. disappointed, i went to ‘all flipflops’ store just so i could see havaianas since that was my main goal of going to sm. and, again i was shocked, the store was also filled with people. 

if ever you have plans of going there, be early. and, please do not wear havaianas.

as to me, i guess i better look for other ways/things to validate/satisfy the social ladder climber in me. =) havaianas is already such a school uniform. =)