peryahan sa ‘lacion

i’m always fascinated with ‘peryahan’
it’s almost ‘lacion’s annual fiesta, and it’s the peryahan i look forward too
but sadly, this year’s peryahan comes to be a bit of a disappointment
there’s only ferris wheel which looks so flimsy, and its carraige looks like it’s a bird cage.
then, the only other ride is the horror ride which looks like one literally.

we get to pass by the peryahan every day to and from school
and, migi is quite excited about it
he’d always say, ‘ngingit ra andar fewis wheel. balik lang ta ngingit na.’ (ig ngitngit ra moandar ang ferris wheel. balik lang ta ig ngitngit na.)
gawd, there’s no way i’m going to ride that fewis wheel.
but, we’ll try the horror ride one of these ‘ngingits.’