of shots and milks not from china

i brought meg and mati to pedia last tuesday for the routinary check-up and shots.

on meg. she had hepa booster (not really sure) immunization. i gave up on knowing all the types of immunizations. she lost 1kg, she’s now only 17kgs man lang. i guess mostly from her being weaned from the feeding bottle. i brought up the issue about meg no longer wants to drink milk since being weaned from the feeding bottle. the pedia advised there’s no need to bring back the feeding bottles as according to her, the ‘gana’ for milk will just come back. for the mean time, we can do with tetra pack milks/yakults/chuckies, and add multivitamins. by the way, ‘wham’ drink contained milk from china according to the news. i tried googling but cannot find a list of products affected by the china milk (anyone care to share?).

(i wonder how old this horsey is. it was already there when migi was still a baby. i wonder how many bored kids waiting for their turn took a ride on this)

on mat. mat has his 1st dose of flu shot. babies or first timers are supposed to get 2 doses of flu shot to have a bigger percentage of protection.

his weight growth is now back to normal. not really that big increase but at least it follows the normal growth curve. so i guess the ‘low quality kid’ title can now be lifted. we tagged him as the ‘low quality kid’ because last time, the pedia was a bit alarmed by the very small increase in his weight. and, when she found out that i was giving him nestogen (the cheapest infant milk which is really not cheap after all), she  shot back without any qualms that it’s low quality milk. to which mark did not take the remark easily. he felt like the doctor was telling him that he’s such a cheap ass father. =) hehehe

anyway, it was my fault. i’m breastfeeding mati so i thought there’s no need to have the ‘high quality’ = expensive infant milk. so we’re now on enfagrow, the one endorsed by lea salonga where she sang ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you, tomorrow.’

(i also wonder how old this tv is. since migi, it’s already there. the same tv station channel 7 is shown on that tv. and, the same reception, ‘lamokon.”)