no party @ 1

lot of people asked me why we did not have a ‘party’ on migi’s birthday, which was last month. (note that in our world, party means there is lechon. if there’s no lechon, it’s no party) it’s because he had one last year. we only have party on their 3rd birthday, not 1st/2nd. when i tell them this, i’d get a confuse look as they’re used to the idea that ‘bongga’ birthday party are done when the baby turns 1. well, not in our family.

when migi turned 1, i was about to give birth the following month. so we definitely can NOT afford a party with the lechon. when he turned 2, we’re still working on the budget. =) we’re only able to pull it when he’s 3. i’m really not into having parties but with all the kids in the neighborhood having their bongga birthday party, i was ‘peer’ pressured. i felt i’m too cruel to not give my kids a party.

so to be fair with migi, all his siblings will only have a birthday party on their 3rd birthday. now, i’m done with 2, only 1 more party to go. thankfully, the next birthday party will still be 3 years after. =) hopefully, i can afford a whole crew that time. yes, i will. positive thinking! =)

(the next party boy)