low quality

last month’s check-up of mat showed that he only gained 0.2 kgs. the pedia was a bit alarmed of the ‘slow’ growth. but still his weight is in the range for 6-month baby (he’s actually 8kg). so i’m not a bit bothered as meg was like that before. she was actually underweight but look at her now (shining like a sun), her weight is good for a 6-year old kid. =)

so we discussed what could possibly went wrong with mat’s weight. then, the milk/formula i used was brought up. i’m breastfeeding mat but in times that i’m not home, we use NESTOGEN. to which the doctor said it’s a low quality milk.

for those who do not have an inkling idea of nestogen, it’s an infant formula. infant formulas are the most expensive kind of milk (correct me if i’m wrong). and, nestogen is the least expensive (in short, pinakabarat). i’m breastfeeding mat 95% of the time so i figured there’s no need for me to buy those expensive ‘high-end’ infant formula. anyway, enu of high tide or low tide.

when we were out of the clinic’s door, mark was like this funny/furious about the low quality milk. it’s like his ego was prick about the low quality milk.