local jolie-pitt baby version

if not for this baby, sir mike’s, i would never agree to buying the ps2 (because i want a wii!). mark knows how to make me say yes. he said if i’d agree that he’d get the ps2 of sir mike, we could see the baby. how can i say NO to that?!?

i was so happy to know that sir mike and ms wency did go-forth-and-multiply. something about their superior dna/genes being passed to the next generation. sayang ang genes! i wish for it to happen to the other wonderful educators. =)

and, yes, i still want a wii! i’m writing it down because they said if you write down what you want/dream/wish, the possibility of it coming true becomes bigger. dear God, i rarely ask for unnecessary you-will-not-die-without-it stuff so please spoil me one more time. =)